200 Million Chinese CVs Hacked and Leaked


According to a latest report, hackers have stolen several data from Chinese and made it open for public display on cloud server. The database that has reported this case informed that CVs of approximately 200 million Chinese people were exposed online by hackers.

Hackenproof, a renowned security firm, commented that the data contained highly personal details but were left not guarded by even the least of protection. The data consisted of contact numbers, names, birth details, emails, education qualifications, job experiences and other private information of people. Research recommended that the hackers have possibly stolen the data from getting into number of job sites in China.

Research director of Hackenproof, Bob Diachenko, doubted and therefore wrote in one of his blogs that data must have been stolen from a big advertisement firm in China named BJ.58.com. But, Hackenproof was told by BJ.58.com that they have never shown slackness to any of the data uploaded on their website. They have remarked on a detailed research which was held by their expert team as soon as they were thought guilty. However, after searching all possible storages, they found that data has not been leaked from their end. Data have been possibly stolen by a third party who takes data from several resume websites.

This is one of the many times that data concerning Chinese people have been leaked. Few days ago, Beijing police had caught a man who targeted and stole data of about 5 million railway passengers. During August 2018, investigation was on by Chinese people regarding a breach in data of customers of Huazhu Group which owned a chain of hotels throughout China. It had details on registration of customers, private information and records of their booking dates etc.

Internet Society of China had reported that in 2018 nearly 19% internet users in China had either lost their passwords or their accounts were hacked.

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