Apple Hid A Number Of Futuristic Ideas In New Patent For HomePod

Apple had a thought for an upcoming HomePod that might provide an emoji edition of Siri and LED lights that can show a series of helpful data, beginning with the climate. In a patent application from 2017 that was made available publicly in January 2019, Apple threw a cluster of progressive far-out ideas onto its appeal to the USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office), as mentioned in media reports.

The patent does not name the HomePod particularly, but it does define it pretty precisely as a machine covered by fabric walls having a speaker and a mic, so it is difficult to think Apple is describing about something else. That claimed, Apple is thinking of incorporating LEDs inside the fabric to show everything from the climate to sports results to the time. The patent also defines the same technology showing subject lines of incoming email and even Siri’s emoji-supported representation.

On a related note, in December 2018, Apple claimed that it will start trading its smart speaker (HomePod) in China “early next year.” Last month, the firm disclosed that the smart speaker will go on sale in Hong Kong and in China soon.

The firm started selling the HomePod in the US a year ago, and has since launched it out to different nations in Europe. As media observed back in December 2017, the HomePod has a bit of a benefit over some of the domestic smart speakers in China with its capability of supporting both Cantonese and Mandarin, and that it is likely to have a price tag of RMB 2,799 (almost $408.21), which is a bit more than the US tag of $350.

The nation is the newest in Apple’s slow branch out all over the globe for the Siri-supported speaker. The HomePod has launched in Canada, France, and Germany in June, and Spain & Mexico in October last year.

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