Apple Just Supported AT&T’s Counterfeit 5G E Network

There will possibly not be 5G iPhones for a while and there are no 5G iPhones for now as well. But that is not stopping AT&T and Apple: they are supposedly launching fake “5G E” branding by AT&T with its forthcoming iOS 12.2 upgrade, as per a media report. Much similar to when the two firms pulled this scandal with LTE and 4G earlier in 2012, if you cannot beat them, you launch a software upgrade to make it seem like you did although the network and phones are still precisely the same.

Various consumers on Twitter are now claiming that they are viewing at the new 5G E logo on devices operating on the newest iOS 12.2 beta 2, which was rolled out this week. The new logo is not there for everybody, most probably because it will only come in to view in cities where 5G Evolution network—the firm’s deliberately misleading name for its LTE network that it appears to hope users will confuse for next-generation actual 5G networks—by AT&T is active. In addition to this, media reports that the new icon appears to be restricted to Apple’s newest XS, XR, and XS Max handsets for now.

On a related note, earlier, a media report defined just how simple it was for anybody to get the location of phone of a different person. By handing more than $300 to a bounty hunter, the media was capable of buying the location data of a particular phone, which was almost precise. And the procedure displayed just how faulty the data chain is between mobile suppliers and the firms they offer location info to. Now, suppliers are slashing connections with location aggregators, and AT&T is the newest to declare its intentions to do so.

“In 2018 we shut most location aggregation services while balancing some that defend our users, such as fraud prevention and roadside assistance,” AT&T claimed to the media in an interview.

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