Apple Operated On Biometric Unlock For Vehicles

Opening your car using a key is so out-of-date. If you have got the correct car, you can already employ your handset as a car key, and Hyundai is projected to launch a car later this year that can be opened with a fingerprint. Now, it appears that Apple is operating on a system that also allows drivers get access to their cars using biometrics.

A lately-posted patent, dubbed as “System and Method for Vehicle Authorization,” defines mobile biometric authentication tech that can see Face ID employed to lock cars. This can technically create the path for different “user accounts” on a car, with separate settings for seat positioning, music, and climate control, all started by the driver just getting near to the vehicle.

On the other hand, the patent was actually filed in February 2017. A lot has modified for Apple in the past 2 Years, specifically around its efforts for self-driving cars. So it is not obvious if the patent shows an active project, or if—as is the scenario for so many tech behemoths— Apple is just getting in there with the correct paperwork to defend its concepts for the future.

On a related note, a group of scientists from cyber security division of IBM have generated an AI-supported biometric malware dubbed as DeepLocker. This malware can work with pictures harvested from social media, claimed the media.

“DeepLocker is a new type of highly targeted and highly evasive malware that basically is different from any malware that is present these days,” claimed Dr. Marc Ph. Stoecklin, Principal Research Scientist at IBM Research for Cognitive Cyber Security Intelligence, to the media in an interview. “In the future, things are going to be AI vs. AI,” Stoecklin claimed further. The media also claimed that Trustwave (the cyber security management firm) has designed an open source tool for white hackers.

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