As Brexit Approaches, Food Warehouses Are Nearly Full

As Brexit Approaches, Food Warehouses Are Nearly Full.


There are no more warehouses available to store frozen or chilled food in the UK, according to Ian Wright, CEO of the food and drink federation. Before the Brexit in March, he said, businesses looking for venues to stock fresh food would have to look for non-traditional or incorrect locations because it was already too late. He said. An interview with MPs from Energy and Climate Change Committee revealed that there was no more room in warehouses for bookings, which might be owing to things already stocked or prior bookings by manufacturers who wanted to ensure that their stock could be stored in these facilities.

Airbnb’s business model is being used by some inventive storage providers, but that approach is only practical for tiny enterprises and not for medium or large ones, he said. Few and few between were the few food items that could be stored at room temperature in sealed containers that could not be used on supply journeys. Few chose these warehouses because they were located in isolated places without regular infrastructure or supply systems.


Mr Wright supported the draught Brexit agreement provided by Prime Minister Theresa May because it preferred the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union without a deal and is expected to speak before a committee that includes Diageo CEO Dan Mobley and Nestle CEO Ian Rayson. For the time being, as mentioned by Rayson, his form is stocking up on the supplies it needs for the future, with some of those supplies being shipped to the UK and others being stored in Europe for distribution to EU countries. Even if there is a no-deal Brexit, Mr. Mobley said that his company will wait to see what happens before deciding on stockpiling goods and already has contingency measures in place.

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