CDC Warns About The Contaminated Beef That Sickened 400+

On Friday ‘The Center for Disease Control’ announced that Salmonella infection outbreak is over. December ’18 saw the outbreak when ground beef weighing 5 million pound had to be recalled. The center also warns of many consumers whose freezer contains contaminated beef.

The beef was sold nationwide, by 100+ stores and major retail chains, processed at JBS Tolleson Inc., Arizona that was later sold under the brand Kroger, JBS generic and Laura’s Lean.

CDC has asked consumers to check their beef for EST 267 (establishment number)in USDA inspection mark. The establishment number could be found at some other spot too. If such beef is found then it must be immediately destroyed or thrown away. The beef is not to be eaten, served or sold.

JBS Tolleson recalled approximately6 million pound in October 2017 in the beginning of the outbreak and further recalled another lot containing 5.1 million pound in early December.

According to CDC, the illness stayed in the time line between August 5 and February 8 in the year 2019. Till date, 403 people had infection in 30+ states, in age range of birth to 99. Almost half of the infected ones were male with no deaths. 117 of them were hospitalized.

Babies, elders and people with weak immune system were at a higher risk to suffer from severe illness.

As advised by CDC, undercooked or raw beef is never to be eaten or served. The hamburgers, meatloaf and other beef products must reach 160 degree Fahrenheit temperature, internally. This can be easily checked by the use of a food thermometer, placing it in the middle part for proper thermometer reading.

As advised, wash serving utensils, cookware, cutting boards and countertops to be used while cooking meat. Lastly, don’t forget to wash your hands using water and soap.

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