Consoles Faced Starting Up Trouble; Thanks To Xbox One Black Out Issue

All the Xbox users have slight trouble coming their way owing to the game session issues. The people addicted to playing will have to hold on for a few days till a foolproof solution comes up. Taking an entire day off from work for gluing on to the Xbox game session is no longer advisable. Microsoft has taken the current gaming issue seriously and plan on acknowledging the reports flying from across the world regarding Xbox One consoles’ suddenly failing. One of the major issues is the appearance of a sudden black screen immediately when the system is switched on is quite unusual.

The sign in issues, unresponsive Guides, and late title updates are some of the problems faced by the users. Thus, Microsoft has made it a point to look into the matter and find a solution for the breakdown. According to Brad Rossetti from the company, the sudden problem has occurred basically due to the service change. The company is planning to roll things back so as to get to the core of the problem. The company is not sure about when the console may return to its healthy state but it is for sure that it would not take long. The current incident highlights the potential problems along with the integrated online feature issues in the console. These issues can render the machine totally useless.

Microsoft will learn from the current hot soup it has fallen into and cloud-only Xbox rumors are proof to it. The company has already solved all the problems and all the consoles are all problem-free. The reason is not yet clear but one can now definitely pick up a console and start playing. The Xbox Adaptive controller brought to people, especially kids notice via Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad is amazing. It has been designed keeping the disabled or armless game lovers in mind.

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