CubeSats Developed By UVA Gets A Nod From NASA

On March 5, 2019, engineering students from the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech as well of Old Dominion University have designed small satellites for NanoRacks. The students named their satellite as CubeSats. According to reports, NanoRacks will send the CubeSats into the International Space Station in the month of April.

The CubeSats are considered as an integral part of the collaboration between Space Grant Consortium of Virginia and four engineering Universities. The satellites are compact in design and weigh approximately 3 pounds and have a cube shape of 3 inches in parameters. They are designed by the team of engineering students so that one can get appropriate details of the earth’s atmosphere. The satellites are also made to measure the atmospheric density which is the sole cause for the change in weather conditions.

While speaking to the press Erin Puckette said that the launch of nano-satellites is a moment of pride for all the students who were designing them since the last three long years. Erin Puckette is a student of aerospace engineering. Astronauts at the International Space Station were the ones who would deploy the nano-satellite into the orbit. The nano-satellites will provide data to UVA, Old Dominion and Virginia Tech.

In a recent press event, Mary Sands said that students who had been a part of the CubeSats have got an opportunity to showcase their skills at a global level. The director of the consortium also stated that due to this project students have got an idea about how to deal with the challenges in the outer space. She further said that the students have also got a practical idea about how to properly deal with the flight readiness and real-life working of a space program. The launching date of nano-satellite is being scheduled for April 17, 2019, from the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

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