Experts Say Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed With Weight Loss

A study has revealed that consuming 850 calories every day for 3 months followed by a rigorous attempt to not gain weight can cease Type 2 diabetes for next 2 years. This program worked fine for above one third participants of the study. This study was conducted on the basis of a previous research that found weight loss to be one of the easiest ways to keep away diabetes rather than opting for prolonged medication. It also breaks the belief that diabetes type 2 increases with time and is a constant condition. In UK, 1 in every 16 people has type 2 diabetes. It can be dangerous enough to lead to other complex conditions like heart issues, visual problems, amputations etc.

Joe McSorley, aged 58 was detected with diabetes type 2 and medications in his case did not help a lot. It was difficult to decrease his blood sugar levels. However, once he opted for the trial diet, eating shakes of low calories every day – the result was visible quite faster. In just 12 weeks, he was down to 73 kilograms from 90 kilograms. He faced difficulty when he had to go back to solid foods again. After 2 years, he had maintained his weight at 77 kilograms. He was one of the 149 participants in Scotland who had taken that test up.

After an entire year of that trial, 46% of them opted for remission, 4% are under treatment consisting of regular pills and 36% were able to keep away from medication and were in remission. Participants have been asked to meet once in every month for update meetings. They have been recommended to get back to liquid diet in case they gain weight at any point. Therefore, this seemed to be quite a harmless way to keep off lifelong medication in diabetes type 2.

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