FedEx Plans Testing Of ‘Same Day Bots’ For Courier Delivery

In a press meet, authorities of Fed Ex said that the global courier company is trying to take one step further by providing autonomous robotic delivery to its customers. The company is trying to provide same-day delivery to its local customers who have made a purchase from a retail shop. The courier delivery company is all set to try the robotic delivery in Memphis after it will get approval from the governing authorities of the state.

While talking to the press Brie Carere said that the robotic delivery will revolutionize the e-commerce sector as it will be cost effective and environmentally friendly. The Executive vice president of Fed Ex also stated that the endeavor will also give peace of mind to customers as it will help them to save a considerable amount of money in the delivery of the products. As per the sources, Fed Ex has employed DEKA, which will help in designing sideways for the bots to carry the shipments to customers.

The founder of DEKA, Mr. Dean Kamen stated that the bots will have same abilities as that of an automatic car Mr. Kamen also said that their bots will also contain sensors that will protect them from making a collision with oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The autonomous robotic service will be provided to the people who live in an area of three-mile radius from the retail shops.

After considering the future prospect of the project, most of the startup companies have started offering their customers the similar type of services. Even Amazon has created Scout which is electric delivery vehicles to provide products to its customers. Amazon has also designed small robots to provide delivery to its customers who are living outside Seattle. On the other hand, a Chinese company has already started robotic delivery services in various parts of the US and Europe.

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