For the use of Google Play, Google will charge mobile phone carriers in the EU.

In July 2018, the EU issued new guidelines requiring Android handsets to come pre-installed with Google’s apps as the default browser.

These Android app developers were complaining, as reported by the Washington Post in July, that Google was pressuring them to pre-install their apps on customers’ smartphones.

Google has finally made a decision and reached an agreement with the Android smartphone manufacturers in the EU to charge a fee for using Google apps, which puts an end to all the rivalries and arguments over who gets what.

The android firms will be unable to gain access unless they obtain a formal licence from Google.

If the company is found to be selling illicit Google products on the Internet, it will be shut down. Google has also made its security settings extremely rigorous.

For the use of Google Play, Google will charge mobile phone carriers in the EU.

“The device manufacturers would be able to hold a licence for the Google mobile application suite apart from the Google Search App or the Chrome browser,” Hiroshi Lockheimer–Senior VicePresident of platforms and ecosystem–wrote in a blog post.

Due to the fact that the pre-installation of Google Search and Chrome, as well as our other apps, helped us support the development and free distribution of Android, we will implement a new paid licencing agreement for smartphones and tablets supplied to the EEA. For the time being, Android will stay open source and free. Chrome and Google Search each have their own licences.

Google Search and Chrome pre-installation and placement will be available through new commercial arrangements we’ll be offering to partners.

It’s possible to pre-install the apps alongside ours. There will be new licencing options for all EEA-launched smartphones and tablets on October 29, 2018.”

This increase in the number of stakes is as much of a boost for Google as any other corporation could hope for following the end of the riots.

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