Google Claims It Is Not Attempting To Ban Ad Blocking On Chrome

Google has gone through more and more criticism over some planned Chrome modifications that developers tell might avoid well-liked ad blockers from operating properly. Named as Manifest 3, the modifications comprise crippling the WebRequest APIs that developers employ presently to ban content in support of a novel declarativeNetRequest API that is more restricted. Google disclosed that the modifications were being made over privacy and performance worries, but the developers of Ghostery claimed that performance in well-liked ad blockers just is not a problem in Chrome.

Google is now tracking on some of its modifications following a repercussion from ad blocking extensions’ developers. “It has not ever been, nor it is, our objective to break or prevent content blocking,” claims Devlin Cronin, Chrome engineer, to the media in an interview. “We are promised to maintaining that ecosystem and making sure that consumers can carry on customizing the Chrome browser to meet their requirements. This comprises carrying on to support extensions, comprising accessibility features, developer tools, content blockers, and many others.”

On a related note, app income carries on climbing each year and a big part that can be attributed to the increment of subscription services. Google earlier claimed that it is seeking to make subscribing to applications simpler for both developers and consumers alike, with a range of new functions declared at Google’s I/O conference.

On the consumer’s side of things, the firm is rolling a new application discovery experience for finding subscription-working tools and apps for managing current subscriptions. As the firm clarified at I/O during a breakout session, users are often uncertain to log in for subscription services since they are worried that it will be more of a trap. Google will tackle this with a fresh “subscription center” in its app store, where consumers will be capable of both exploring new subscription applications to try, as well as managing their present subscriptions.

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