Google Ranks 3rd In Revenue In Cloud; Rivals Amazon, Microsoft Far Ahead

Thomas Kurian, the SVP of Google cloud service, promised his co-workers that in upcoming future the company would earn more from computing services than from its traditional, online advertising. Though Mr. Kurian might have motivated most of his employees, in reality, Google is lagging behind in providing cloud services to companies.

Amazon and Microsoft hold first and second place, in generating a considerable amount of global revenue from cloud computing process. According to one of the news agencies, Alphabet, the parent company of Google has a share loss of about 1.7%. One of the concerning figures of Reuter stated that out of 311 global companies, 227 take services of Amazon, while 69 vouched for the cloud services of Microsoft. The authoritative figure also told that only 35 companies acquired the services of Google, which includes HSBC and Total SA.

Speaking in a press conference the senior vice president of Google cloud told that he has planned to target several governmental agencies, financial, media and healthcare industries to take their services in the upcoming future. Mr. Kurian also stated that he has planned to focus more on traditional companies so that they can start to maintain their data online.

Ray Wang told the press that Mr. Kurian is trying everything in his might to bring back Google into the business of cloud computing. He also told that Kurian is reviving the strategies so that he can make a difference for Google.

In the past Mr. Kurian had managed a wide range of acquisitions on behalf of Oracle, he even helped Oracle to own two great software companies namely Taleo and BEA Systems. According to one of the employees of Google, Mr. Kurian at present is giving importance to even the tiniest detailing of his clients and he’s also motivating his co-workers to perform better.

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