Hot Cocoa To Help Relieve MS Fatigue

A hot cup of cocoa is not just a mouthwatering drink that you can never say no to but it may also help you in relieving your MS Fatigue. A recent study has shown that the anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa can soothe your mind and body. The reason behind this is that the flavonoids which are present in almost all the plants and vegetables are also present in cocoa and they lighten up the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

A research was conducted at the Center for Nutrition and Health at Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom. Shelly Coe, a fellow researcher has stated in a Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry that their study established the use of dietary interventions as feasible and might offer possible long term benefits to support fatigue management. According to their study, the whole team of researchers also believes that MS fatigue can be cured with the anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa. Coe and her team researched if cocoa can cure MS fatigue. They conducted their research on 40 adults who had the same symptoms of RRMS or Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis. They divided all the participants into two groups of 21 and 19 people. The first group of 21 people was given low flavonoid cocoa while other group of 19 people was given high flavonoid cocoa for six weeks. Overall 19 people experienced changes i.e. 11 people from the group of high flavonoid experienced 45% less fatigue and 80% more waking speed as compared to 8 people from the group of low flavonoid.

A neurologist from Lenox Hill Hospital of New York, Dr. Asaff Harel who specializes with MS patients praised the result of the study by saying that it has pointed out the potential benefits and further research is necessary to adequately elucidate any potential effects.

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