Huawei In A legal Battle With US Over Ban Of Its Equipment

Huawei has filed a lawsuit against a US law which restricts US federal agencies to use and buy Huawei’s devices. Huawei took this step after months of governmental pressure, and by filing a case against NDAA (National Defense Authorization Ac)’. Section 889 of this Act restricts using any telecommunication hardware designed by either Huawei or ZTE, a Chinese company whose name along with Huawei’s is in the list. Huawei lawyers are stating that the NDAA provision is not in accordance with the US constitution. Huawei was facing great pressure from Trump’s office stating that the products from the company would be used for spying by the government in China. US also tried to encourage their allies to not use Huawei gears.

The Chinese tech giant is also facing criminal charges. Huawei’s CFO is accused of violating US Sanctions. Although Huawei’s founder and its high-level executives have stated repeatedly that they are not a security threat and, the company is also trying every possible way to clean its image and filing a lawsuit is one of the weighted steps. The law is affecting the Huawei’s customers in the USA said Glen Nager (Lead Counsel, Huawei). The law in enforcing unlawful bans on company’s products and is snatching the company’s right to sell its latest technology build devices, including 5G products, added Nager.

The Chinese company is ready to have a discussion with US president and his officials to open doors to bring the latest technologies to the US in complete security. Huawei is also fighting with the Canadian government who arrested Huawei’s CFO, Meng Wanzhou for hampering Iran’s sanctions by the US. To which her lawyers have filed a case against the authorities, stating that they have violated her rights. The case is quite similar to that of Russia’s Kaspersky, who lost the filed cases in May 2018.


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