IBM Artificial Intelligence Fails To Defeat Human Debating Champion

After experiencing defeat from AI at Dota 2 and Go, the battle between machine and man was beginning to look a little unfair. But a human has lastly grabbed a win in opposition to our future robots. Harish Natarajan (champion debater) won in a live showdown in opposition to Miss Debater AI by IBM in San Francisco at the firm’s Think Conference.

IBM’s black monolith and the 2012 European Debate winner exchanged swift retorts on pre-school subsidies for twenty five minutes before the crowd cheered Natarajan for the victory.

Every side was offered fifteen minutes to get ready for the clash, after which they showed a 4-minute rebuttal, a 4-minute opening statement, and a 2-minute synopsis. The 700-solid audience, in the meantime, was comprised of more than hundred journalists and leading debaters from Bay Area schools.

Previously dubbed as Project Debater, Miss Debater pulled arguments from its 10 Billion sentences’ database taken from academic journals and newspapers. A female voice coming from the human-sized black box answered every question, while 3 blue balls floated surrounding its screen.

On a similar note, IBM earlier declared the official roll out of Watson Assistant. It is a smart assistant for enterprise fueled with AI, the IoT (Internet of Things), and cloud. It can be accessed via text or voice interaction.

The smart enterprise assistant is targeted at assisting companies to transform user experiences and improve their brand loyalty even while keeping the data secure and private, claimed IBM to the media in an interview. The declaration was made by CEO of IBM, Ginni Rometty, at the time of her speech at the “Think 2018” event.

“Watson has begun a very huge incorporated system. We fragmented it into micro-services, we classified it into API. Watson Assistant is pre-programmed for automotive; for hospitality, you can embed it in anything such as banking, customer care, and insurance,” she claimed further.

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