Japan Showcases Robot Helpers For 2020 Olympics

When the Olympics arrived at London in 2012, the organizers depended on a mass of unpaid volunteers to herd the people and assist them know their way. But when the games will arrive at Tokyo in 2020, it will be robots taking on some of those same errands. The organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics revealed a powered exoskeleton and 2 robots that will be used to assist attendees and workers at the games.

The bots, created by Toyota, will direct users to their seats, offer data, and carry drink & food. There is the HSR (Human Support Robot), which has an in-built arm for picking up baskets & trays and the DSR (Delivery Support Robot), which seems more similar to a mobile trash bin but can also ferry products around. Almost 16 robots will be used at Tokyo 2020 places and the organizers expect that they will be specifically useful for wheelchair consumers.

On a related note, robots will start wandering at the largest airport of South Korea assisting tourists discover their boarding gates. They will also keep airport’s floors tidy as the nation start organizing for its first game of Winter Olympics. Commencing this month, a self-driving robot, Troika, developed by LG Electronics, will wander at the Incheon International Airport, telling tourists how much time it will take to escort them to their flights and get to boarding gates. A huge cleaning robot will assist cleaning workers wash the broad areas of floors in the airport west of Seoul.

Being about the size of a youngster, Troika is integrated with a rectangular screen on its front that appears like a huge smartphone display and can display flight data, weather data, and an airport map. It’s partially curved head has a plane touchscreen face that shows smiling or blinking eyes, or data.

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