McCormick Gives Its Spice R&D To Artificial Intelligence By IBM

McCormick may be a brand name you identify from French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, its spices and herbs, or even “edible” KFC-essence nail polish. For over 4 Decades, it has recorded reams of info on user taste preferences, formulas of product, and flavor palettes. Now it is using artificial intelligence in development of flavor.

Over the past 4 Years, McCormick has operated on an AI platform dubbed as ONE with IBM. Product developers have so far employed insights it gleaned from the info to make bourbon pork tenderloin, Tuscan chicken, and New Orleans sausage seasonings. They will be in US shops by the end of the fall.

McCormack claim that its plan with ONE is to make family-friendly seasonings so that you can employ on both vegetables and proteins, while AI has assisted it speed up development of product by almost 3 Times. It might not stop at seasonings either, as it has different AI projects in the development.

On a related note, your grip’s strength can normally be a good indicator of your health. And not just for obviously linked diseases such as Parkinson’s, it can measure your heart health and even your cognitive capabilities.

To that end, IBM earlier designed a fingernail sensor that can identify the strength of your grip and use AI to offer insights. The device employs a series of strain calculations to indentify your nail’s deformation as you grab things, with sufficient subtlety to identify tasks such as turning a key, opening a pill bottle, or even writing with your finger.

From here, the sensor transfers its info to a smartwatch where the AI comes in the picture. ML on the watch can identify different signs of Parkinson’s, such as dyskinesia (lowered voluntary movements), bradykinesia (slow starts to voluntary movement), and tremors.

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