Nest Secure Alarm System By Google Doubles As A Voice Assistant

This week, users of Google’s $400 home security system, Nest Secure, will get the chance to enhance the quality of the system. This is because Google begins launching an over-the-air upgrade that includes voice functionality by Google Assistant that permits you to talk directly through your Nest Guard keypad and hub.

Theoretically, you have been capable of arming the Nest Secure with your voice since it rolled out in 2017—as long as you had a separate Google Assistant machine, such as a Google Home speaker or a phone, to listen to your instructions. But this week, Google claims it has found a method to include voice instructions squarely to the Nest Guard, most probably thanks to a microphone that users did not essentially know existed.

Google recommends that it will be a handy method to speak to Google Assistant as you leave and enter your home since users often put their home security keypads close by front door.

On a related note, Google earlier launched additional controls into its Chromebook devices where parents will now have the capability of setting bedtime hours and screen time limits as well as distantly monitor app usage and lock devices. In 2017, Google rolled out the Family Link application to assist parents remain in the loop with how their kids are employing Android gadgets.

“And now, we are sharing more Family Link functions that can assist parents of children who employ Chromebooks, such as managing the apps children can download, setting time limits, and more,” claimed Google to the media in an interview. As per the firm, just more than 50% of kids in the age of 6–12 own or share a laptop device all over the world. “The Family Link application can assist parents set some Internet ground rules since their children are wandering online on their devices,” claimed Google.

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