NZ Shooting Reveals How Mass Shooter Used Social Media

The firing incident in New Zealand has left everybody shocked. The grainy footage of the incident may resemble a video-game, but it is anything but fictitious. Although the video is unverified by CNN, it shows a faceless attacker openly firing on praying people assembled in a New Zealand mosque.

Reportedly, the video was shot by one perpetrator involved in the mass shooting at the 2 Christ Church mosques of New Zealand. A large number of individuals were injured and killed. Further, the live video was streamed online, making it all the more worse. Apparently, the whole attack was orchestrated to keep in tune with the current trends of social media. Prior to the unfortunate event, a post made public on an anonymous platform 8chan had outlined the details of it. This platform is particularly known for its lawlessness via its extremist and racist posts.

It provided a link to a long manifesto running for 87 pages, outlining anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant ideas. In addition, it directed viewers to a live stream of the incident on a Facebook page. Several Twitter posts also seemed to applaud the attack.

In due course of time, Facebook disabled the page. Twitter also deleted the profile of the alleged perpetrator. But the video had already gained momentum throughout the world. The attack came in the wake of 2011’s devastating New Zealand earthquake, which destroyed hundreds of buildings and lead to the death of approximately 200 people. Christchurch’s population decreased sharply in the aftermath of this earthquake.

According to the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, most of the directly affected victims of the shootings comprised refugees or migrants. However, this attack was not only about the influx of refugees in Christchurch. It was primarily regarding the sharp increase in online white supremacy as well as the potency of social media being able to circulate that message.

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