OneWeb Steps Closer To Its Mission Of Internet Of Everyone, Everywhere

The idea of connecting the whole world through the internet can only become a reality when there is the availability of internet in all nooks and corners of the planet. Arianespace is about to perform its first launch among the many others scheduled for OneWeb constellation in order to move one step closer to achieving it, using a Soyuz Medium launcher, its first significant mission of 2019.

This current mission indicates the presence of the 109 constellation satellites created by Arianespace which shows their tremendous ability to use its launcher to the fullest in order to deploy the different type of constellations. Before such critical launches, a Launch Readiness Review is compulsorily done. The same has been planned for the Soyuz Medium on February 25, 2019. The flight to be used for it is VS21 and is scheduled to be launched from the Guiana Space Centre which will put a whopping 6 satellites under OneWeb in the lower part of the Earth’s orbit at 1000 km. Four Mass Flight Simulators will also be a part of the payload to be carried.

The initial OneWeb constellation is supposed to be made of 650 satellites and Arianespace shall orbit it using the Soyuz launchers. The operations will take place from Kourou which is a part of French Guiana along with Baikonur situated in Kazakhstan as well as Vostochny of Russia. Using this next-generation, highly advanced satellites arranged in the night sky in the form of artificial constellations, OneWeb will attempt to provide seamless connectivity of the internet throughout the world and set up amazing communication globally. The end users will have the option to choose from 3G, 5G, LTE and Wi-Fi connection for access to the internet. The OneWeb constellation satellite is actually a joint venture, marking a viable partnership between Airbus Defense and Space and OneWeb.

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