Qatar Satellite Co Join Hands With E’shailSat And BridgeSat

E’shailSat and Bridgesat have decided to enter into a partnership to provide affordable laser based satellite services to business and governments through Middle East. Bridgesat has planned to cater to the fast and economical satellite needs of the world. Partnering with E’shailSat is another step to achieve this target.

Laser based satellite services are safer than the traditional services like Radio Frequency solutions (known as RF). The solution is available to applications using Geostationary Earth Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO).

At present Bridgesat is engaged in providing Optical Ground Stations (OGS). The company also owns and operates complimentary satellite terminals. These provide high bandwidth and highly secure solutions. On the other hand, E’shailSat is known for operating and owning an expanding network of Ka and Ku band satellites. The company offers services to broadcasters, governments and business houses. The company provides services to MENA region.

E’shailSat forecasts rising growth and popularity of the communications services. For this reason, it has coordinated with BridgeSat improve its capabilities. As per the plan, BridgeSat is expected to build its first OGS exclusively for Middle East. The satellite will be located at Doha in Qatar. The operating center for E’shailSat is also here. This OGS will be built to support satellite systems of E’shailSat, LEO and other systems which own space terminals from BridgeSat.

The company representative informed that besides E’shailSat, the company is also in the lookout for other innovative organizations that are willing to revolutionize the satellite communications market. On the other hand, E’shailSat CEO and the President of the company, Ali Al Kuwari informed they have resumed satellite control and services from their Doha Center. The E’shail- 1 and E’shail- 2 satellites from the company are completely operational at present. He also informed that this partnership with BridgeSat twill increase the services which are provided to the customers of Middle East.

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