Smallsat Sector Encounters New Challenges For Development

The small satellite sector, which has took pleasure of significant investment and growth in the past handful of years, will encounter new hurdles this year showing their business plans, with some hoping a shakeout in some divisions of the industry.

At the time of a panel meeting at the SmallSat Symposium, industry executives showed general hopefulness about the sector even while cautioning that some sections, such as some classes of smallsat constellations and small launch vehicles, might run into headwinds.

“This is the year where firms will demonstrate themselves, and unavoidably, I believe, we are going to see some breakdowns related with firms that perhaps looked as if they were on a way to achievement,” claimed chief executive of Bryce Space and Technology, Carissa Christensen, to the media in an interview. Those failures must not be shocking. On the other hand, she altered that such failures can be cured with greater worry by extra risk-averse government organizations.

On a related note, engineers at the MIT have suggested that in the coming period giant telescopes such as James Webb Space Telescope of NASA might be substituted by a huge number of small spacecraft functioning mutually. NASA engineers, in an attempt to examine planets further than our solar system, are making blueprints for next-generation space telescopes. These comprise “segmented” telescopes with numerous tiny mirrors that can be unfurled or assembled to shape one very huge telescope once lifted off into space.

To maintain these mega-scopes steady, the MIT team stated that tiny satellites can go behind and function as “guide stars” by pinpointing a laser back at a telescope to attune the system, to generate better, more precise pictures of the far-off worlds. Utilizing the laser light from the 2nd shoebox-sized craft to steady the system slashes the need for precision in a huge segmented telescope, saving money and time, and enabling for suppler telescope designs, they enlightened.

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