Soft Robotic Hand Uses AI to Perform Tasks Autonomously

At the moment, the researchers are using robots to mimic human activities and also to train them to handle data or perform tasks autonomously. Festo has created a new robotic hand that is not only flexible but also uses artificial intelligence to figure out how an object can be manipulated using fingers. The idea of using self-learning technology will prove beneficial in constructing robots that will be performing tasks all by themselves in the houses, workplace, or anywhere. The BionicSoftHand developed performs tasks without making the manual process a time-consuming or laborsome work.

If the robot is given an objective then its in-depth sensors and 3D cameras develop a new virtual copy of the object to carry out the aligned task. The AI then helps the hands through a cascade of simulations to quickly figure out the work. The AI helps the robotic hand do the much-needed tasks within a short period of time without any glitch. The machine learning program is just a part of the entire project as the soft material used to make the hand helps it build a safe interactive connection with the humans. The 3D textile-knitted fabric made from high-strength fibers and elastic is used in the fingers along with tangible sensors and a flexible board of circuit.

The bellows help fill in the air or remove it in order to help make movements easier. The pneumatic swivels and piezo valves help make the entire sideways motion simple and easier. The company believes that the robotic hand can definitely manipulate the objects using its dexterity. The advancements in the machine learning and the hardware field over time are definitely going to help robots like BionicSoftHand handle more agile tasks with independence. Recently, a new research has helped make use of artificial intelligence in order to significantly advance our perceptive of the climate and the Earth system. The German scientists from Jena and Hamburg have published in Nature that deep learning can help understand complex dynamic processes such as vegetation dynamics, hurricanes, and fire propagation and in short, create new models of climate and Earth system.

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