Study Reveals Acupuncture Likely To Bring Relief In Menopausal Problems

A new Danish study has shown that ancient Chinese practice, acupuncture, could bring relief to at least some women suffering from menopausal problems and issues like mood swings, sleep issues or hot flashes. Acupuncture could relieve some of that for certain women who do not wish to opt for hormone therapies. The study is being done by a team of researchers, which is being led by Kamma Sundgaard Lund of Copenhagen University. An expert from the United States stated how using acupuncture for helping women suffering from problems related to menopause is not new. Dr. Adi Davidov of Staten Island University Hospital said that people wishing to get help for various pain syndromes have taken help of acupuncture. The Danish study is being welcomed with open arms as most treatment methods are merely marginally effective and hormonal therapies have mostly fallen out of favor.

The study analyzed 70 women who had hit menopause in Denmark. All these menopausal women had either undergone 5 weeks of standardized Western medical acupuncture or no acupuncture. The procedures were performed by family doctors in 9 separate practices who had undergone training in acupuncture and had been performing it for 14 years on an average. The weekly sessions lasted for 15 minutes each. It was found that the women who had received the needling treatment experienced significantly reduced hot flashes in addition to less frequent and less severe hair and skin problems, physical and emotional symptoms, sleep problems, general sweating and night and day sweats. 80% of women undergoing acupuncture procedure were relieved of their menopause symptoms. Lund and his team even suggested that the study’s short length meant no ruling out of placebo effects in treatment groups. Women experiencing moderate-to-severe symptoms of menopause enjoyed highest efficiency of the treatment.

Acupuncture can be further used to treat other medical and obstetrical conditions like sciatica.

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