Stunning New Night Map Unveils 300,000 Fresh Galaxies

An astounding night sky map has unveiled hundreds of thousands of new galaxies, putting light on many unknown secrets of the universe. A powerful telescope is used to chart some 300,000 previously unidentified galaxies.

According to astronomer Cyril Tasse, this discovery is a going to be a new window on the universe. He added that the team of researchers was shocked for the first time when they saw the initial images. Tasse stated that he didn’t gaze anything like this before. Over 200 astrophysicists from 18 different countries have gathered together for the study to discover the previously unobserved light sources that are thought to be far off galaxies. The gathered data is equal to 10 million DVDs. This data just accounts for two percent of the overall sky.

For the study, researchers have used a Low-Frequency Array telescope which is located in the Netherlands to observe the ‘jets’ of ancient radiation formed when galaxies combine. This Low-Frequency Array telescope can even find the sources of light that optical instruments can’t detect and this makes it very powerful. According to astronomer Amanda Wilber, with radio detections, we can observe radiation from the weak medium that occurs among galaxies. Low-Frequency Array telescope allows the astronomers to find many more of these light sources and study the source of their power. The electrifying detection might help researchers to study black holes better. These black holes radiate when they swallow matter and the astronomers believe that they can make use of the new detection technique to see how they evolve over time by comparing them. As per the team, they will make high-resolution pictures of the northern sky and this will unveil almost 15 million unobserved radio sources. Tasse added that the oldest objects in the Universe are almost 12 billion light years old.

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