T-Mobile Postpones Full 5G Launch Until Later This Year

The 5G network by T-Mobile will not roll out fully until the H2 of this year since handsets are not ready yet, as per media, which spoke with chief technical officer at T-Mobile about the holdup. That will put T-Mobile minimum few months behind Sprint, Verizon, and probably AT&T (which already has a restricted 5G roll out) too.

T-Mobile has been cautious about its 5G roll out date. This time in 2018, the firm hinted that it might have 30 cities with 5G by the end of last year, with handsets rolling out early this year. It has carried on indicating 5G phone roll outs within the quarter one or two of 2019, but obviously that plan has altered.

The issue is, there are not any handsets yet that completely support 5G network by T-Mobile, the carrier claimed to the media in an interview. The original wave of 5G handsets do not take benefit of the major chunk of airwaves that T-Mobile is employing to set up 5G, and without that support, they just will not be very helpful.

On a related note, earlier the firm declared that users can trade in their current handset and get a new flagship handset for as low as $10 on a monthly basis. The handsets that were entitled for this offer included the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, LG G7, LG V40 ThinQ, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. With this offer, T-Mobile will offer you $250, $360, or $150 through 36 monthly bill credits towards the buyout of your new handset, relying on your trade-in.

T-Mobile claims that users who take benefit of this offer can get a new handset and monthly plan for as low as $40 each month. That comprises the T-Mobile Essentials offer for a family of 4 with autopay switched on.

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